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Dear colleagues,

A contemporary challenge of medical knowledge is to interpret physiopathological mechanisms to the light of genetics and molecular biology.

This challenge will be the focus of the XII ICD. The Congress will discuss how new discoveries in molecular biology and genetics are changing known ways of producing drugs, of diagnosing diseases, and of treating patients.

These issues will be presented in the plenaries and in the scientific sessions by the dermatologist with the most impressive academic training and medical experience. They have already committed to this academic endeavor.

It is with the intention of opening the discussion about the benefits and the risks of these scientific issues that we invite you to join the XII ICD.

Technology and isolated scientific work need the impulse of the exchange of ideas that can be achieved collectively through public discussion.

Physicians, the pharmaceutical industry, health policy makers, dermatology organizations, patients’ organizations and anyone with an interest in dermatology and health have something to say and a lot to listen about these matters.

Along with the most prestigious world dermatologists, we are joining efforts to offer an unforgettable opportunity to learn and to share our ideas and passion for new scientific discoveries that have the potential for changing the life of many people.

To develop this potential with responsibility the XII ICD needs your participation. Your presence is crucial to generate an unforgettable Congress. Please join the XII ICD!

Prof Dr Ricardo Galimberti