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Dear colleagues,

A contemporary challenge of medical knowledge is to interpret physiopathological mechanisms to the light of genetics and molecular biology.

This challenge will be the focus of the XII ICD. The Congress will discuss how new discoveries in molecular biology and genetics are changing known ways of producing drugs, of diagnosing diseases, and of treating patients.

These issues will be presented in the plenaries and in the scientific sessions by the dermatologist with the most impressive academic training and medical experience. They have already committed to this academic endeavor.

It is with the intention of opening the discussion about the benefits and the risks of these scientific issues that we invite you to join the XII ICD.

Technology and isolated scientific work need the impulse of the exchange of ideas that can be achieved collectively through public discussion.

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Winners of a Free Registration to the ICD 2017 Congress at the CILAD 2016 Congress:

Roberto Homero Oviedo Pecho, Perú
Erika Senoff, Argentina
María Soledad Bertolo, Chile
Winners of a Free Registration to the ICD 2017 Congress at the SAD Congress in Salta, Argentina:

Gabriela Roxana Bravo, Argentina
María Mercedes Josefa Báez, Argentina
Luis Michel López, Bolivia
Bobadilla Avendaño Karina Gabriela, Argentina
Zárate Georgina, Argentina
Tejeda Viviana Vanesa, Argentina
Winner of a Free Registration to the ICD 2017 Congress at the Pediatric Language Conference - 2016:

Belelli Ana, Argentina


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Buenos Aires - Host City
Buenos Aires is a city of 11 million inhabitants, the ninth-largest city in the world that represents the best of classical Europe and the most modern advantages of the beginning of the century.

This complex, energetic, and seductive port city, which stretches south-to-north along the Rio de la Plata, has been the gateway to Argentina for centuries. Porteños, as the multinational people of Buenos Aires are known, possess an elaborate and rich cultural identity.

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ICD 2017 will take place from Tuesday, April 18 to Saturday April 22, 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The venue of the Congress is the Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center.

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